Make It Out

MAKE IT OUT is a Horror roguelike game, which has two game modes: Story mode, and Endless Run. MAKE IT OUT is on a mission to deliver a unique gaming experience with distinct game assets, dynamic gameplay, and opportunities to earn through surviving the dangerous parallel dimension.
The main character is a researcher of paranormal activity. Through his/her studies they manage to create a portal that will take them to a parallel dimension, entering a time loop. He/she has also created a special video camera, which can see the spectrum of light emitted by entities of parallel dimensions. One evening, while conducting experiments, he/she is able to open the portal, thus wanting to record the phenomenon with their video camera, he/she gets too close, and is taken to a the parallel dimension. In order to return to his/her reality, they will have to go through all levels of Story Mode (see below for a description of "Story Mode").
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